Yves Van Laer, all about me.

My name is Yves Van Laer and I am a web developer. I write beautiful code.

First things first

<h1>Hello world</h1>
<p>My Name is Yves and I develop beautiful websites.</p>

I am a web developer. I write code. And I am good at writing code.

I am not good at web designing. Web designers are totally different web people. If you are looking for someone who can design a web page, I highly recommend Kristof Orts or Valerie Leten.

I make websites functional as where a web designer makes a website beautiful. I will almost never get compliments for a website because people look at the design and they say: "What a beautiful website". But they will never say: "Wow, this website works flawless!". That is my job. Trying people to say, "wow, this is actually well done."

I want to make website where people don't have to think about anything. Where everything just works. On every possible device. That is my rol on the Internet.

Who am I?

I am a champion! No, seriously, I am Yves Van Laer, a young Belgian web developer living in Antwerp. One of the greatest cities in the world. I love to create websites during the day and filling my nights with activities like going to concerts, playing and watching soccer, traveling and training for survival runs.

I am an active member of the Couchsurfing and geocaching community.

Daytime Job at MIA

I just love my job at MIA Interactive. It is also in Antwerp and I have the best colleagues you can ever imagine. I feel very blessed with my dreamjob, so close to where I live. Another advantage of living so close to your work is that you have time for other projects. So if you have a projects or a question, just send me an email.

Le me

My field of expertise


JavaScript and jQuery


Web Design

The road to success, thanks to these friends.

Matthias Vandermaesen
Matthias Vandermaesen Drupal developer

Senior Drupal Developer from Bruges, my mentor at the Krimson internship.

Bob Hamblok
Bob Hamblok Javascript wizard

JavaScript and jQuery wizard at MIA. Currently taking over the world with NeoScores.

Kristof Orts
Kristof Orts Designer

Top-notch web designer at A Different Design and a splendid roommate too.

Stijn Dufromont
Stijn Dufromont Drupal developer

Drupal Developer and event organizer from Ghent, currently working for PureSign.